Slots Bonus: An Introduction

Before choosing your favourite slots game, understand that a slots bonus is the key to successful and prolonged gaming. Every online slots game has a unique bonus theme, but the bonuses are generally quite similar. In addition t0o the winnings and jackpots, you’ve also got the free spin, spin multipliers and scatter bonuses.

Slots bonuses Are The Key To Big Jackpots

The most interesting slots bonuses are the “scatter” bonuses because they guarantee free spins and/or winnings multipliers. In these plays, the gamer lands the necessary combo on the reels to be introduced to a specially designed bonus game. This game is usually a kind or monte style, pick-a-symbol game linked to the overall theme of the slot or a special bonus spin icon on the reels for larger jackpots.

There are, however, also conventional spin bonuses which can be won with the necessary corresponding spin combos. While it might seem like you’d rather win a jackpot that a bonus, in fact, it likely better for you to win bonus spins. Remember, these bonus spins will give you the free winnings multipliers which are statistically more likely to grow your pot that striking a true jackpot.

Scatter Bonuses And Bonus Spins

Before choosing a slots game, a player should read up on the game description. There are many casino review sites which will offer explanations about the games features and bonus system. Additionally, certain games have a very good reputation in their bonus spin features, with players reporting huge gains on spin winnings multipliers. It is generally a good idea to play the game before judging it, though, because certain games are more involved than others.

For example, games which feature very string scatter bonus rounds will not allow a player to simply auto-roll their spins. In that case, the user will always have to make selections in the bonus rounds, slowing the speed of play. This really comes down to the opinion of the player, as some players prefer auto-rolls and others like a more involved gaming experience. Whatever the user’s preference, with so many online slots games, a player is sure to find a game they like.

Bonus Spins And Player Preference; Game Research

In summary, players should research slots games and choose a slot game which offers a good slots bonus system. It is not enough to offer a giant jackpot because those are statistically unlikely to occur. Instead, a player’s rewards will come from bonus spins and top notch bonus spin rounds. Specifically, the winnings multipliers are the key to successful slots gaming, and many games will allow for compound winnings in bonus spin rounds and special scatter round plays.